Psychic Readings

Angel, Oracle, Tarot, Mediumship

Psychic readings are to give guidance and clarification for difficult times in life . We all question, at times which path to take and worry if we are making the right decisions. 

I work psychically with the angels and I use angel oracle , angel  tarot cards and energy oracle cards. The readings  are  honest. I give no false hope. I cannot tell you what to do just advise you on the best possible course of action for a happy successful outcome to your questions.

Mediumship readings are to connect to the spirit world. To bring messages from loved ones who have passed to spirit to offer comfort and reassurance that they are safe and at peace, and to bring their love to you . Loved ones may appear different to how they were when here on earth. People can appear more peaceful and harmonious. This can confuse relatives if the loved one was renown for being bad tempered and argumentative before joining the spirit world. So some deceased personalities do change in death.

Angels tend to give more worldly philosophical points , sharing the ideal path for your highest will and good. They can also appear in human form and not as the winged angel we expect.

Spirit guides do not have to be people you know. Not everyone has one. They can come into your life to help and assist you with your own life and also to help you when working spiritually to help others.

Information can be received in many different ways working with mediumship:

Clairaudient is when the medium hears the message from spirit communicating .

Clairsentient is to feel and sense the emotions coming from spirit.

Clairvoyance is to  see the images which are  then described into words. 

It is important to come to a reading with an open mind. A person has to want to have the reading to be able to get a good energy connection. If you feel you want to connect to a certain loved one in spirit. Or have specific guidance and clarity on a particular issue. It is good to say an affirmation before the reading begins, and ask for a message from the person you hope to connect with. Unfortunately there is never any guarantee for any medium to get this for you. 

I am pleased to answer any questions you may have before you book your reading with me.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only